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5 Things to Do in Lima That Won’t Break the Bank

Situated right on the Pacific Coast, Lima is a beachy, metropolitan city in Peru that holds onto its traditional Incan roots. Its fun, lively atmosphere, beautiful views and rich culture make Lima an ideal destination for young travelers. The city’s greatest perk is its affordability. With plenty to do outside, there are a number of free and low-cost attractions that are worth adding to your itinerary. Below are my top five favorites:


  1. Costa Verde

El Circuito de playas de la Costa Verde, more commonly known as La Costa Verde, is a long stretch of road along Lima’s coast, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and city’s skyline. Along the tall cliff that lines the coast, you can take a walk or go for a bike ride through the cliff’s perfectly sculpted pathways. Benches provide plenty of places to sit and look out over the water. You can even stop at the cute café in the Miraflores district and enjoy a cup of coffee as you take in the view.


2. El Parque del Amor (The Love Park)

El Parque Del Amor in the Miraflores district of Lima is the perfect place to capture that perfect photo. Overlooking the Bay of Lima, the park is lined with colorful mosaic-tiled walls that are reminiscent of those in Parque Güell in Barcelona. In the center of the park sits a massive sculpture of two people embracing, entitled El Beso (The Kiss). This romantic, beautiful, and free-to-visit park is a great place to relax and watch the sunset or sunrise.


3. Dédalo

Barranco, a large district south of Miraflores known for its bohemian vibes, is full of art galleries and museums. My favorite gallery is Dédalo, both a gallery and artisan shop that, unlike some of the other galleries, is free to enter. The gallery features an assortment of traditional and modern works, ranging from furniture and outdoor sculptures, to paintings, pottery, tapestries, clothes, accessories and pillows – all for sale. Be sure to enjoy a break at the outdoor café in the gallery’s courtyard before you leave!


4. Mirabus Tour ($8 USD)

When I was walking around to find the pick-up location for a $25 bus tour my hotel’s receptionist recommended, I fortuitously ran into the driver for another bus tour of Lima called Mirabus. When the driver told me his tour was a 2-hour drive along the coast with excursions through the most important districts of Lima (Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco and Chorrillos) for only S/.25 ($8 USD) I was sold. And the tour did not disappoint. Mirabus offers other tours, such a Lima by Night and Colonial Lima, for around the same reasonable price.


5. El Parque Central

Located in the center of the bustling streets of Miraflores, el Parque Central (neighboring Parque Kennedy) is a great spot to take a break from souvenir shopping. The large patches of grass and flowers make the park a prime location for picnicking or even taking a cat nap. Speaking of cats, feline lovers will adore the plethora of stray cats, young and old, that roam about the park. Oh, and did I mention there is free Wi-Fi throughout?

With so much to do in Lima at little or no cost, it’s easy to enjoy the city to its fullest and still have money in your pocket at the end of your visit. Save even more on your trip to Peru by booking with StudentUniverse. Check out our student flight discounts and plan your trip today!


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