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Why Paris will never forget me and vise versa

Paris Won

This post is a continuation of my last one. Here, I am going to explain why I had possibly the worst day ever in the most beautiful city ever: thanks, food poisoning.

Thursday morning, we rose early once again to head to Versailles. I wish I could have enjoyed the palace more, but I was already feeling a little lightheaded and thirsty. I fought through and stopped to get a bite to eat, but that is where the day took a turn for the worst.

We spent two hours in Versailles, then headed back to Paris for a few more hours of free time in the city. The entire ride there, I was rocking back and forth in my chair, clinging to my stomach. I felt awful and was trying my best to hold it together so that I didn’t make a big deal or put a damper on anyone else’s journey.

When we got to the city, two friends and I stopped to get a lunch at a cute French café. It was there that I vomited all over the bathroom (I’m very sorry for how much information I am about to share, feel free to skip this post if it becomes too much!).

Vomiting helped clear my stomach, and I tried to eat a bite of the Parisian burger I had ordered, but after a few minutes, I was right back in the bathroom. Again emptying my stomach, I felt dizzy and weak. We left the restaurant and walked to the Louvre, thinking that I would get better with some water and fresh air. We were wrong of course. I almost fainted once we got inside, and got no help from the wait staff at a café inside the museum who refused to give me water because they were “closing up.”

I made it to the bathroom to get tap water, and then sat down on a bench outside because not only was dehydrated and dizzy, I was also overheating and sweat was seeping down my forehead. We had to leave the museum to make it back to our tour group to go back to the campsite. Of course, on the way outside, I vomited once again in the bushes surrounding the museum. This is where I say that Paris will never forget me because indefinitely left my mark. Gross, I know.

The bus ride home was awful. Again I sat clinging to my stomach with my eyes closed and my head bent down on my lap. Luckily, I was so empty inside that it was impossible to vomit again. The plan was for the group to go back to the campsite and eat dinner, then head back to the city for a picnic outside the Eiffel Tower, which we hadn’t seen yet. Unfortunately, we got stuck in horrendous traffic and our bus driver went over his allotted amount of driving hours for the day so we couldn’t go back to the city.

Though it was still light out, I went to bed early once back at the campsite. I laid down in the tent, still feeling dizzy and weak, but couldn’t sleep because my stomach still hurt so much. I kept trying to force myself to sleep, but as the night went on, so did the partying. Everyone outside was incredibly loud and getting drunker by the minute. I ended up laying in my bed with my eyes closed and my hands over my ears for 5 hours until the last of the partiers went to bed at 3:30 a.m. We had to get up at 5:30 the next day to drive to our next location.

That was yesterday. I’m now on the bus, headed to Bordeaux, typing away this story on my iPad. I still feel a little faint, having gotten fewer than two hours of sleep and having contracted overnight a cold that is spreading through the campers. I’m hoping to get some sleep on this ride, but I can’t guarantee anything. At this point, I really just want to curl up in my bed with a huge glass of water. But I’m in Europe and have been anticipating this trip for SO LONG that I have to make the most of it. I’ll do what I can and keep this blog updated! Let’s hope things get better from here 🙂


  1. Crap, sorry this was your experience of Paris! You’ll go back one day!

    On a happier note, enjoy Bordeaux! It’s so awesome! If you have free tme, make sure you go to a cave au vin, which aren’t as common in Paris. I’d recommend going to Le Petit Bois, if you’re looking for a cool quirky bars to go out Le Chat qui Peche and La Cale Seche. 🙂

  2. V: “A! You’re back! How was your trip?”
    A: “It was great!” <>
    V: “Great!”

    You see the <> part just above? That’s the space where you were supposed to volunteer that you “vomited all over the bathroom” and also in some bushes in Paris.

    But I forgive you. I’m enjoying reading through some of your posts today. Let’s talk Bordeaux dunes sometime.

    1. Hahaha, yes — there were a few, uh, ups and downs…but I didn’t want that to be the first thing I told you about the trip! Okay, we can definitely have a more detailed chat soon. Just be prepared for some PG-13 stories 🙂

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