National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

I was lucky enough to head down to the National Cherry Blossom Festival this past Friday with a group of people from my work. Coincidentally, the trip happened the day after I got my new NikonD5200 DSLR camera in the mail. The flowers weren’t yet at their peak bloom, so most of them were still white instead of the infamous pink color, but I was able to capture a few awesome moments from the festival. The flowers, as expected, were stunning.

nikon 1 022 nikon 1 023 nikon 1 026 nikon 1 027 nikon 1 028

I was a beautiful day to be in the nation’s capital.nikon 1 036 nikon 1 047 nikon 1 052 nikon 1 054

Had the line for the paddle boats not been more than 30 people long, we would have tried to go!nikon 1 060 nikon 1 061 nikon 1 063 nikon 1 065 nikon 1 066

I have a thing for taking pictures of people taking pictures.nikon 1 069 nikon 1 084 nikon 1 086 nikon 1 087

(Of course, I wanted a picture with the flowers, too! 🙂 )nikon 1 090 nikon 1 107 nikon 1 110


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